We’re a Supportive Community for European Founders of Early-Stage Startups

Building a business is a challenge — particularly when faced with a global pandemic. We are an online community of open-minded entrepreneurs from all over Europe who are willing to share their journey and truly help one another.

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Who is it for?

Enter Network is for founders of independent businesses.

In short, if you want to:

  • Easily meet like-minded entrepreneurs in times of COVID-19
  • Discuss anything related to entrepreneurship, from getting started with an idea, to optimizing your conversion rates
  • Help other founders with your experience and expertise, and get help, support and an amazing network in return

Then Enter Network is for you!

Our weekly meetups are super valuable, with so many people openly sharing their experiences. I managed to talk to at least 15 members already; I try to help them, they try to help me, and I really like that.

Sandor Csatlos
Founder of MILAV Software Agency

What’s great about Enter Network is that I can expand my network with like-minded people. It sounds cliché, but it becomes increasingly difficult to meet people, let alone people that talk about building a business and things I’m interested in.

Lee Haines
Founder of Year of 1000km

What do you get?


Slack community

Easily network with like-minded entrepreneurs in our private Slack community.

Exclusive events

We host weekly feedback sessions, interviews with experts, and online networking drinks.

Personal support

We truly focus on sharing. Use our list of vetted mentors, or get one-on-one support in a mastermind group.

Free & premium memberships

Because you grow faster with the help of others.

Join us today and get access to our newsletter for founders, our weekly networking sessions, and more.

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Hey, I’m Jochem. I’m the founder of Enter Network.

Back in 2016 I founded my first company — but it was difficult to get support from others. None of my friends or family were founders, so I needed a way to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, share experiences, and learn from them.

That’s why I founded Enter Network, and that’s why I’m on a mission to connect 1 million entrepreneurs.

Become a part of our community, and grow faster with the help of others.


Grace Baldwin

Rhubarb Copy
Copy and content for B2B SaaS companies

“I love Enter Network. It’s awesome to connect with other entrepreneurs and learn from everyone in the group. Starting a business can feel lonely at times. Enter Network helps keep me inspired.”

Abhishek Kumar

Steal My Marketing
Podcast for entrepreneurs

“I like reading the updates of others. It is motivating when I see people in our circles achieve their goals. And of course to learn from their struggles and failures.”

Atmadeep Das

AI-enabled note-taking for meetings

“It is exciting to meet new entrepreneurs and always good to get to know about new ideas and also get some suggestions.”

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