Come Meet Fellow Entrepreneurs!

17 September, 2019 | Utrecht, NL

Come join us at our next meetup and talk about startup ‘fuckups’! We’ll have 5-10 people from the Enter Network Community share a story in which they f*cked up. So in the spirit of ‘Fuckup Nights’, we’ll talk about failure, screw-ups, mistakes, pitfalls, missteps and anything else that didn’t go as planned while running your business. For more information and registration, see our meetup page.

About Enter Network

Enter Network is a network for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone interested in entrepreneurship. We hold a monthly entrepreneurship meetup in Utrecht, the Netherlands — But you can enjoy our content wherever you are.

Our Next Meet-Up Is 17 September

Come join us and discuss Startup Failures!


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This Meetup’s Location

Utrecht Community (UCo)
2e Daalsedijk 6a
3551 EJ Utrecht