About Enter Network

Monthly Meetups for Starting Entrepreneurs in Utrecht & Amsterdam


Enter Network is a monthly meetup for starting and ambitious entrepreneurs who want to learn and network. From B2B Sales to Digital Nomadism and from Passive Income to Getting a Seed Investment — We’ve cover them all. If you’re interested in joining us, or want to start a similar event in your city, contact us; and join us at our next event!

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About Us

This is me, Jochem Gerritsen. Together with Daan Maasson and Katerina Valkova, we have been working on Enter Network since 2018. Having been both a wantrepreneur and an entrepreneur for a long time, we wanted to meet others with similar ambitions and day-to-day challenges, particularly in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

But the amount of events held for starting and ambitious entrepreneurs was limited. In addition, most of the events we went to didn’t really fit with our idea of entrepreneurship (which doesn’t just include tech startups).

That’s why we started Enter Network — To bring entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Netherlands together, and learn something new in the process.


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