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Startups in Utrecht and the City’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Startups in Utrecht and the City’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Supporting New Business in Utrecht Enter Network's activities and meetups (such as our Startup Funding Meetup) are mostly revolved around Utrecht. Utrecht is the fourth largest city of the Netherlands, and with 350 thousands inhabitants in the city alone, there's no...

A Meetup on Passive Income Streams

Passive income. Much has been said about the topic. And quite some ambiguity exists around this concept. So during Enter Network’s meetup of April 2019, we spoke about passive income at length. Take a look at the review!

Welcome to Enter Network

Welcome to the new site of Enter Network. As explained in our about section, Enter Network is a network for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneur in the Netherlands (and specifically, the Utrecht area). The idea of Enter Network is to bring together anyone interested in entrepreneurship.

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