Intern at Enter Network


Based in Utrecht, Enter Network is a community for entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, Europe and beyond. We host regular online meetups, entrepreneur check-ins, and mastermind groups for all kinds of founders. Would you like to help us grow Enter Network and our community? Take a look below at the job description and send in your application!

Growing a Community of Entrepreneurs

In 2018, we created Enter Network, a meetup and community for entrepreneurs in and around Utrecht. There was a clear need for this — We now have 1000+ members on, around 100 active members on our Slack community, and quickly growing Instagram and Facebook pages. And now, we want to expand the community even further.

That’s where you come in. We’re looking for a student who’s ready to take on a unique challenge and internship: Your internship project consists of helping our community grow.

That may seem like a challenging task, but we have good ideas on how to do this — We simply need your help to realize it!


Who we’re looking for

First and foremost, we’re looking for someone who’s interested in entrepreneurship, building businesses, and startups. If you know a bit of startup theory (from the Lean Startup to Built to Sell), you’ll fit right in. In addition, we’re looking for someone who (preferably) lives in Utrecht, though we’re open to remote applications. It’s great if you’re someone who is enthusiastic. Someone who has or is in the process of obtaining a university degree; who knows their way around Instagram, writing and knows how to grow our reach on social media. Someone who wants to learn, and can grasp new subjects quickly. Someone who wants to improve him- or herself, and broaden their horizon. Someone who enjoys being around others and is empathetic. Someone who has an entrepreneur’s mindset and can work independently — even on tasks you haven’t done before.

In short, we’re looking for extraordinary people that can contribute to and share in the success of our community.

Who we are

Enter Network started with hosting monthly meetups in Utrecht for entrepreneurs on different topics. Considering the current COVID-19 situation, we currently host a weekly online Entrepreneurial Check-in, and monthly mastermind sessions for selected groups of entrepreneurs. In addition, we have a Slack community and several groups on

Currently, Enter Network is primarily run by its founder, Jochem Gerritsen. Jochem works on a variety of different projects, including Enter Network, his personal blog and newsletter, and a copywriting agency. As such, in this role, you’ll be working with Jochem intensively — and your job is to make Enter Network even better. You can take charge of our social media, host weekly check-ins, or perhaps even facilitate a mastermind group of experienced entrepreneurs!


What we offer

We offer an internship (not a research internship) for at least 3 months, either part-time or full-time, for which we provide internship compensation. In our small company, there are lots of opportunities for someone who’s willing to work hard and grow. We will be working remotely, though if you live in Utrecht that would be even better.

If you’re interested, please email your CV and motivation to

We look forward to hearing from you!


We DO accept applicants outside of the Netherlands.

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