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Currently 5 out of 20 places remaining

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Who is it for?

Enter Network is for founders of independent businesses.

In short, if you want to:

  • Easily meet like-minded entrepreneurs in times of COVID-19
  • Discuss anything related to entrepreneurship, from getting started with an idea, to optimizing your conversion rates
  • Help other founders with your experience and expertise, and get help, support and an amazing network in return

Then Enter Network is for you!


Grace Baldwin

Rhubarb Copy
Copy and content for B2B SaaS companies

“Enter Network is a great way for me to learn what problems other startups have and hear advice from fellow founders on how to overcome those issues.”

Abhishek Kumar

Steal My Marketing
Podcast for entrepreneurs

“I like reading the updates of others. It is motivating when I see people in our circles achieve their goals. And of course to learn from their struggles and failures.”

Atmadeep Das

AI-enabled note-taking for meetings

“It is exciting to meet new entrepreneurs and always good to get to know about new ideas and also get some suggestions.”

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