Meet regularly with a small group of other entrepreneurs who know what you’re going through.

Set your goals, support each other, and stay accountable.

The Enter Mastermind Group starts in February 2020. Register below!

How does it work?

The Enter Mastermind Group brings together entrepreneurs that help each other to achieve short- and long-term goals.

Every few weeks you meet to discuss your progress, current challenges and specific cases. Each member of the group is committed to help and support each other, providing focus, motivation, and accountability.

Bring focus to your goals and challenges as an entrepreneur.

A facilitator will be present to make sure meetings are efficient, effective and guided towards the goal of this Mastermind Group.

Likeminded People

The Enter Mastermind Group is a group of likeminded entrepreneurs, who have similar ambitions and face the same challenges.
You can really be heard and talk to like-minded people about your business, regularly, without feeling like you’re doing it alone.

Make Great Progress

As long as you’re committed, you can make great progress.

Your fellow group members and the facilitator will help you along the way.

More Than Networking

Dive deeper than Enter Network’s meetups. Really get to know your fellow group members and help them get unstuck.

Get support from your entrepreneurial peers and make significant progress to your goals for the start of this new year.

The next Enter Mastermind Group
begins this February!

The introductory price is €125 for 5 sessions.
We want to keep the group small; there is place for a max. 7 entrepreneurs.
Info session: 30 January 2020.
First come, first served.


Register your interest and sign up for the information session below

When you join the Enter Mastermind Group
 you’ll get accountability, candid feedback
and support from the group. Plus, our facilitator
Steven van Kempen will help you along the way.


Click below to register your interest and join us at the info session on 30 January 2020!