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How does it work?

  • Enter Network’s Mastermind Groups selectively pair you together with other ambitious entrepreneurs who understand your industry.

  • Every month you meet to discuss your goals, progress, challenges and specific cases. 

  • Each member of the group consequently contributes and supports others by  providing business advice, leads, tips, focus, motivation, and accountability.

  • A facilitator is then availed to make sure monthly meetings are efficient, effective and guided towards your goals in the Mastermind Group.

Like-minded People

Meet a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, with real ambition, an open attitude, and who are ready to provide and receive sincere feedback.

Make Great Progress

With the help of group members and a committed facilitator. Set goals, get support from your entrepreneurial peers and make significant progress this year through our productive mastermind discussions, and high-level group engagements.

More Than Networking

Dive deeper than Enter Network’s meetups—Get to know your fellow group members and other Enter Network members. You might just find your next co-founder or business mentor!

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From pre-revenue starters to SaaS founders, we have a group for everyone!


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