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We strive to relieve the pain of being a solopreneur.

It’s a journey to grow, succeed and learn together.

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What do you get?


Slack community

Easily network with like-minded entrepreneurs in our private Slack community.

Exclusive events

We host weekly feedback sessions, interviews with experts, and online networking drinks.

Personal support

We truly focus on sharing. Use our list of vetted mentors, or get one-on-one support in a mastermind group.

Business help

Find business partners, incubator avenues, investors, logistical or planning support

Who is it for?

Enter Network is for founders of early-stage companies.

In short, if you want to:

  • Easily meet like-minded entrepreneurs in times of COVID-19
  • Discuss anything related to entrepreneurship, from getting started with an idea, to optimizing your conversion rates
  • Help other founders with your experience and expertise, and get help, support and an amazing network in return

Then Enter Network is for you!


Our weekly meetups are super valuable, with so many people openly sharing their experiences. I managed to talk to at least 15 members already; I try to help them, they try to help me, and I really like that.

Sandor Csatlos
Founder of MILAV Software Agency

What’s great about Enter Network is that I can expand my network with like-minded people. It sounds cliché, but it becomes increasingly difficult to meet people, let alone people that talk about building a business and things I’m interested in.

Lee Haines
Founder of Year of 1000km

Let’s grow your company faster together!

Enter Network empowers starting entrepreneurs in Europe, by providing them with the network and entrepreneurial ecosystem needed to build strong, innovative and successful young businesses.


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Answers to Your Questions

Why Enter Network?

We provide a platform where European entrepreneurs can connect, get inspired, collaborate, and find the right resources to tackle their entrepreneurial challenges, together. So whether you’re working on a startup idea, or are a serial entrepreneur, feel welcome and join us!

What is expected of me when I join your community?

We expect you to be an open-minded entrepreneur. That means that you’re open to meeting new people and sharing your experiences or ideas — basically, to get value (in terms of ideas, feedback) and also offer some value to others. Other than that, there are no expectations — you are free to drop in and out of our discussions as you please. None of the Networking or Q&A sessions are forced on you and the sessions with experts are all recorded so you can always access them at a later date.

I’m already part of a different community, why should I join Enter Network?

If you’re part of a public community, then Enter Network will provide you with a very different experience. Communities like Indiehackers are great for sharing and learning, but it’s often difficult to build real relationships (and friendships) with other like-minded founders. Alternatively, if you’re already part of a private community, Enter Network could be a good addition. Simply join us on a free trial, and consider for yourself if our startup deals, personal support and approach, accountability, and hours of exclusive content with experts are worth it!

Do you have recordings of previous events you hosted?

Yes, we record all our sessions with experts. From validating your idea to B2B sales, members can access hours of different Expert Q&As in our content database.

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