Startups in our Community

Take a look at just some of the businesses Enter Network members are working on.

ParkUpKeep (B2B SaaS)

Maintenance application for adventure parks.

Based in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Year of 1000km (B2C SaaS)

App that allows users to convert their progress in any health-related activity into a single metric to benchmark against others.

Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Story of Hearthy Matcha

Hearthy Matcha (eCom)

Online selling of Japanese organic matcha tea and teaware.

Based in London, United Kingdom

TechSembly (B2B SaaS)

Multi-store e-commerce and marketplace solution

Based in Singapore and Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Hourglass Venture Partners (Fund)

Early-stage B2B SaaS venture fund.

Based in London, UK and Silicon Valley, US


MILAV (Agency)

Developing high-quality web and mobile applications.

Based in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania

Ify Mobility (Hardware)

Transform any bike into a e-bike by simply swapping the front wheel.

Based in Gorinchem, the Netherlands

Canpoi (B2C app)

Music collaboration app.

Based in London, United Kingdom

Heart and Data (Agency)

Data visualization and analytics.

Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands

PeerTest (B2B SaaS)

Enables students to ask and answer each other’s questions anonymously.

Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Skyworkz (Agency)

Cloud development for fast-growing companies.

Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Crony Robots (B2B SaaS)

Automating recurring tasks using custom cloud robots.

Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands


Grace Baldwin

Rhubarb Copy
Copy and content for B2B SaaS companies

“I love Enter Network. It’s awesome to connect with other entrepreneurs and learn from everyone in the group. Starting a business can feel lonely at times. Enter Network helps keep me inspired.”

Abhishek Kumar

Steal My Marketing
Podcast for entrepreneurs

“I like reading the updates of others. It is motivating when I see people in our circles achieve their goals. And of course to learn from their struggles and failures.”

Atmadeep Das

AI-enabled note-taking for meetings

“It is exciting to meet new entrepreneurs and always good to get to know about new ideas and also get some suggestions.”

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