Enter Network: A New Network for Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the new site of Enter Network. As explained in our about section, Enter Network is a network for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneur in the Netherlands (and specifically, the Utrecht area). The idea of Enter Network is to bring together anyone interested in entrepreneurship. Whether you’re a student or a ‘serial entrepreneur’, you are welcome to join us at our monthly events and meet other like-minded people.

We try to hold one event every month, on a variety of topics. Earlier topics included Data-Driven Decision-Making, B2B sales, Passive Income, SEO and Facebook Marketing, and many more. Our events are held in Utrecht, but we often have people coming from all over the Netherlands join our meetups. So definitely join and see if this would be something for you!

The Goal of Enter Network

The goal of Enter Network is to:

1. Get to know like-minded and ambitious entrepreneurs.

2. Further expand the Utrecht entrepreneurship Ecosystem

3. And learn something new in the process!

We do this by focusing our monthly events on a different topic, where two speakers come to speak about the topic at hand. We always try to have the best speakers as possible, who have really experienced what it’s like to be a digital nomad, or what it’s like to having bootstrapped their startup. If you’d like to speak yourself, or know anyone who would be a good fit, please contact us.

Also, if you’re interested in sponsoring our events, know a great location for a future event, or would like to volunteer and spread the word, please also send us a message! We welcome to all kinds of different partnerships.


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