Lean Startup Workshop
Build Your MVP

27 February / Graduate Space Utrecht (Euclideslaan 60)

9:00 – 12:00

Are you an entrepreneur and do you want to take your new or existing business further? Do you want to find out how to build a solid Minimum Viable Product? 

Join our Lean Startup Workshop!

Workshop program

Lean startup methodology, build-measure-learn approach, and tools for creation of MVP

1 Exploration

First, we will define the main goal for your MVP: How to get through the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop with minimum effort.

2 Development

We will learn how to design and build in the main features of the MVP. How does it differ from the real product?

3 Tools

What are the tools to build an MVP? How can you use them for validated learning?

Workshop Expert

Who will be teaching this workshop?

Thomas Jacobs

MVP Specialist

Thomas is an MVP specialist and consultant with years of experience working with the Lean Startup framework and building Minimum Viable Products.

With the proven build-measure-learn approach he helps entrepreneurs efficiently create a first version of their idea so that they can deliver it quickly to their customers. 

A proven approach

By working with sprints it is always clear who is responsible for what, what is delivered and when


First time registration fee only 75€

Within a few days after the application you will receive an email with guidelines for registration. To be officially registered as a participant, you must pay the registration fee. A maximum of 6 participants will be accepted.

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